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There Is No "New You"! It's Just You! Happy 2024!

Ah, the classic New Year's resolution season is upon us! But wait, do we really need to jump on that bandwagon? Sure, you can make a resolution, but only commit if you're ready to stick with it, okay?

Why do we think a random date on the calendar will magically transform our lives? Newsflash: it won't! You could totally reinvent yourself on the 28th of August if that's your thing. No need to wait for the first day of the year to be written in bold font for you to consider change.

And the "New Me" slogan? Oh, please, spare us. It's like the term "unlearn". You can't really unlearn stuff, just like you can't be an entirely "New Me." It's more about doing different stuff, not turning into a whole new person.

So why do humans opt for this "identity split"? It is easier for the brain to register change and alter behaviour. It's the same when you fire an entire team when you want to change the organisation's culture. It works magic and lots of companies opt for this to save time and money. You don't need to waste time on getting employees to buy into the new way of doing things, you don't need convincing, training or struggle with the old mentality and ingrained behaviour. 

Unfortunately, you cannot fire yourself so you fire the "person" who didn't go to the gym, was in a dysfunctional relationship or had no bedtime routine. Subsequently, you instruct the "new person" to do differently. This split helps you adopt the new behaviour but it is still you. 

So, as this is the last day of the year, forget about the silly "New Me" and take responsibility for whatever you want to change and walk into the new year with a changed mindset, not with a new personality or alter ego. 

Remember, it's all in your head, regardless of the confetti and fireworks.

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