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Elegant Female

Discovering my strengths and what I'm really good at literally changed my life! It appears that I'm a "relationship builder" which is why I struggled in my latest job. I loved the work itself but the culture wasn't about relationships and teamwork but achievement. Now I work in a much smaller company where the relationships that I built make me truly happy! Guess what, I am just getting promoted:)

Jennifer Bolden

Mature Businessman

Started this course with plenty of reservations. Here is the thing; it works but only if you do all the exercise that is given and take it seriously. 6 months on and I started my own business and proposed to my partner. Now you might think it has nothing to do with this course but you are wrong. You can use this knowledge in all other aspects of life.

Adam Grant

Middle Aged Woman

I'm much more effective at work. The journey this course takes you allows you to investigate the areas of your life that are conducive to your success and those that aren't. I identified so many areas that made me unhappy and held my career back. Now I am much more focused on using my strengths and that makes me super effective. Even my boss commented on it the other day.

Rebecca Williams

Male Portrait

Szilvia is not easy! She will challenge your leadership skills in many different ways. There were times I didn't see where she is going but I went with it. She helped me to build an amazing team at work. After 15 years of managing people, I still had areas I was quite oblivious to. She brought those to the surface and I managed to open up to her about my challenges. She used those but not against me:-) What I loved the most that she is very accommodating in terms of times and place. Most of our 1:1 sessions have taken place in the bar near my office as I have no time to commute due to work and family commitments.

Robert Dawson

Woman in Yellow

I completed the online course as I had no time for 1:1 sessions. It was easy to follow as she talks you through the whole process. Once I got stuck and Szilvia offered a quick online coaching chat which was great. I can say that I have started to make changes and progress at work and in my private life. I might contact her for 1:1 coaching later this year when I have more time to myself. Thank you Szilvia

Evelyn White

Smiling Young Man

I was lost in my new role as the team I inherited was very loyal to the previous leader. They wanted none of me. Szilvia using the Strengths approach managed to divert their attention from the "we have a new boss we need to get to know" by focusing on identifying their talent and how mine complements those. They understood why I was brought in and that we make an excellent team. This made them feel that I really want to know them and value them. I have to admit, it wasn't my attention. All I wanted is the team to accept me. Szilvia had her way of doing it but it wasn't my way.

Riley Jones

Customer Reviews

Portrait of a Young Man

Ive had the incredible opportunity of being coached by Szilvia for a few years now. I am constantly in a state of learning about myself through the questions she asks me. She is so passionate about her profession, her knowledge on her field is second to none and her ability to encourage me to be accountable for my decisions is incredible. Our coaching/coachee relationship works because of mutual respect, she listens and understands my barriers and always uses her unconventional ways to help me go from strength to strength. I highly recommend her services!

Andrew Wolhuter

Attractive Young Woman

My coaching experience with Szilvia was very insightful. I gained much more understanding into my top strengths and my lowest 5 as opposed to just reading the report. I understood the reasoning behind the frequency of my "default" behaviours and what I could work on. Szilvia was a great listener and guided the conversation by increasing my self-awareness and helping me with clear next steps. I now feel like I understand my strengths better and am able to present myself in a way that truly reflects them.

Rebecca Jacob

Confident Woman

Szilvia has been incremental to supporting me in understanding all that I am capable of and more. In the consistent coaching I recieve from her I've been able to recognise where I am able to build on within my own attributes and strengths and how to draw attention to that which I need to develop. Above all these Strengths that I've discovered through Clifton Strengths and the tools that Szilvia has been able to guide me with I have been able to see clearer into who am I and what I've got to look forward to. All the ideas and dreams I once saw as a distant possibility has become something tangible and less daunting. And she does this with an approach that allows you to feel safe, confident, trusted and without judgement. Szilvia has a natural and fluid ability to connect with the person behind the goal or goals and this gives her the lead as a coach.

Carmyn Herfort

Customer Reviews

Senior Man

Im really fortunate to have worked with Szilvia over the past few months. I have thoroughly enjoyed all our coaching sessions and learning about myself and how to maximize my full potential. Szilvia has a great sense of understanding and patience and has guided me along the way to arrive at some amazing breakthroughs and eureka moments. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to grow personally/professionally should get in touch with Szilvia. Thank you for all your guidance so far Szilvia and I look forward to our continued work together. James

James Gromley

Male Portrait

Working with Silivia has recently been a great addition to my growth and strength Journey. Silivia is true professional that understands the Value of the Strength Test - Gallup . She has helps me immensely figure out my self at levels i didn't know where available to me and she help me get there. I would Suggest that any person that is ready to dig deeper into his Unique Being That Silvia is the person you would wont by your side. Thank you Silvia.

Ali Hasbini

Portrait of Senior Woman

Szilvia is hands down the best coach I have ever worked with! She has analyzed areas to work on, provided a plan and we have been following it - adjusting where necessary. She has a very thorough but no-nonsense approach so the results are visible almost immediately. She is also a lovely person so as a coachee I always feel relaxed, at ease and safe to share my experiences. Me and the employees of my company definitely benefit greatly from working with Szilvia and I cannot recommend her enough!


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