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Developing Self-Aware Leaders

Welcome to the future of leadership development!The one that is based on self-awareness development rather than a copy-paste version of others.

This approach puts the individuals at the centre by building the self-awareness that every leadership program misses. 


Our dynamic range of modern leadership programs are designed to empower individuals and organisations to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


From in-depth, immersive experiences that delve deep into leadership principles to power sessions that provide quick, actionable insights, we are your partners in cultivating exceptional leadership talent.


Join us on a journey of transformation, where leadership isn't just a skill but a mindset that drives success and innovation.

Resilient Leadership Workshop - Harvard Business Review Program - Managers & Leaders

With this 4-hour Harvard Business School Case Study, leaders will gain insight into leading through adversity through the example of explorer Ernest Shackleton and his historic Endurance expedition.

They will discover lessons in building team cohesion, learning from bad bosses, cultivating empathy, demonstrating a positive outlook, effectively engaging their teams, and managing conflicts. 

Leading with resilience due to uncertainty has never been more important. Resilient leaders have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, cope with disruptive changes and adapt. They bounce back from setbacks and overcome major difficulties without engaging in dysfunctional behaviour or harming others.


The Self-Aware Leader - Senior Leaders

This two-day program has everything to build a self-aware, psychologically safe, well-functioning, mature team. The program gets the team to look in the mirror and understand how they function. It is designed to address issues nobody wants to address and to build self-awareness that is often missing from leadership programs.


Using Gallup's Strengths and Personality (The Big Five) assessment, participants deep dive into individual and team characteristics and learn:

  • How to put their problem on the table and find the solution.

  • To be comfortable with the truth and use it for the benefit of everyone. 

  • Not to be ruled by emotions. 

  • To play with differences gracefully and with outcomes. 

  • Address personality clashes in a positive way.

  • Be responsible for their performance.

  • Greater self-awareness around how their personality and strengths impact their decisions, relationships, and teh way they are perceived and lead. 


New Managers Program 

This 2-day program addresses  the 12 most common challenges newly promoted or inexperienced managers face and equips them with essential skills to excel in their roles and lead their teams effectively. 

"Transitioning to Leadership"

  • Leading Former Peers: Develop influence and coordination skills.

  • Balancing Workload: Learn time and stress management.

  • Driving Team Achievement: Gain direction and teamwork expertise.

"Navigating the Organisation"

  • Navigating the Corporate Landscape: Understand culture and politics.

  • Motivating and Inspiring: Master motivation and vision communication.

  • Holding People Accountable: Learn effective feedback and accountability.

"Building High-Performing Teams"

  • Coaching and Developing Others: Develop mentoring and coaching skills.

  • Communicating Effectively: Improve communication across levels.

  • Delegating and Trust-Building: Enhance delegation and trust-building abilities.

"Conflict Resolution and Inclusive Leadership"

  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict: Proactively address conflicts.

  • Connecting Across Differences: Lead diverse teams with sensitivity.

  • Prioritising Competing Demands: Balance competing interests strategically.


Bring Your Managers & Leaders Up To Speed - Power Sessions

Our exclusive annual Leadership Development Package is designed to educate your managers & leaders and drive modern organisational practices that are more aligned with generational needs.

The 2-hour courses offer diverse topics that address contemporary challenges organisations and leaders face. It supplements existing in-house training, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic approach to leadership development.

The package consists of twelve carefully curated courses, delivered one course per month, providing a continuous and comprehensive learning journey for supervisors, managers, and leaders.

Join us on this transformative journey as we equip your leaders with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to manage performance by rethinking old-school people management practices.


- Provides continuous external learning to your teams that are easy to integrate into your existing L&D structure.

- Monthly payment for easier cost management.
- It replaces L&D in certain organisations whilst providing high-quality development.

- The 2h micro sessions fit easily into your teams' busy schedule.

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