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Strengths-based development is more than identifying strengths. It’s about recognising and developing talents and strengths. It’s also about learning to appreciate others’ talents and strengths and combine them to accomplish goals.


A strengths-based team is a group of imperfect but talented contributors whom others value for their strengths and who need one another to realise individual and team excellence.​The common language of CliftonStrengths gives team members a shortcut for knowing and trusting one another.


Communicating using strengths fosters productive, ongoing conversations about the talents people bring to certain situations. It’s a language that bridges cultural and organisational demographics, giving team members a shared way to describe why they’re unique and how it benefits the team. Members of a strengths-based team know each other’s talent filters. They understand how each person likely thinks, acts and feels. This awareness helps the team build effective partnerships and navigate the issues that all teams encounter.

CliftonStrengths Coaching for Individuals

This is a 3-months coaching program that starts by sequencing your talent DNA (assessment).  Using CliftonStrengths & Personality (The Big Five) assessment, you and I dig deep into your strengths and personality aspects and identify how they can help you achieve your goals and how they may be holding you back.

We meet every two weeks to build self-awareness, get crystal clear about priorities, and work out how to communicate and get things done with and through others to achieve your goals.


CliftonStrengths Coaching for Teams 

Teams rely on capable managers, and these managers seek avenues for their professional development. CliftonStrengths serves as the catalyst for boosting both organisational and team performance while enhancing the skills of every manager.

By harnessing the CliftonStrengths assessment, you and your team will uncover your core strengths. The result? Enhanced team dynamics, more effective communication, and increased collaboration. This contemporary approach empowers teams and managers to reach new heights of success together.


CliftonStrengths Coaching Online

You don't have the time or the finances for a personal coach or do you feel you can work through it on your own? Great, but you cannot do it on your own though and you don't have to. Here is the online course I developed with all the activities and explanations to help you discover your innate talent, interests, and strengths. 

Click here to access the course and enjoy the journey!

Get in Touch

Drop me an email and I will guide you and your teams to better performance and self-awareness. 

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