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The Only Online CliftonStrengths

Say goodbye to costly coaches! 

You received your CliftonStrengths report. Now what? Or maybe you haven't done the assessment yet but want to learn about your Strengths. The report explains a lot, but somebody must help you understand it. You will read many things, but it will not tell you how to apply your strengths and manage those at the bottom of the report.

This is when you need a coach (me) to talk you through the process enabling you to identify your strengths & weaknesses, understand them, and put them to use immediately.  Don't just have the report! Make sure you understand it!  

This course is for you if you say "Yes" to at least one of the below:

  • You want to learn about your strengths and see how to work around your lesser strengths.

  • Received your report and looking for a cost-effective coaching solution to teach you how to use your strengths.

  • You want to be better at your job.

  • You are frustrated at work, and that impacts your personal life.

  • Feel that you are in the wrong job but don’t know what the “right” job would be.

  • You consider leaving your job because you don’t feel fulfilled or it has burned you out.

  • You are in between jobs trying to figure out what to do next.

  • Want to put your talent/strengths to use and achieve greater success in life.


This course is designed to tap into your strength(s) and help you build a successful and meaningful career. You will be guided through the process of self-discovery of your innate talent and learn how to apply them quickly & effectively. 

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