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Growing Talent - Think Like a Farmer

Growing talent is a farmer's kind of hard work where you must attend to that crop every day for it to grow. The same applies to growing talent, so if you find your crop not growing, maybe these are the reasons:

- You are not attending to that crop as frequently as it needs.

- You are trying to grow the wrong seed (wrong person) in the wrong soil (wrong job) in the wrong season (wrong time).

- You are impatient. People develop differently.

- You should have done the weeding. Instead, you kept people who hinder the growth of your crop.

- You planted the crop under the wrong tree. Wrong team, wrong manager, or wrong trainer/mentor/coach.

Sometimes, even when everything is "perfect", your crop won't grow. The external circumstance of people could temporarily impact our ability to grow, so check the weather outside and inquire about the forecast. That way, you can replant that seed when conditions are more favourable.

The right people, in the right job, at the right time. That is the key to growing talent. If any of it is off the crop will not grow.

Explain this to your team members who want to get to a certain role but may not be ready just yet so they won't feel rejected but looked after.

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