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Employee Motivation is in the Small Daily Actions

We all know the slogan "People are motived by different things". Yet, managers are trying to motivate their teams with a one-size-fits-all approach. But what if we:

Made a very simple change in our people processes and asked every manager and leader to have a list of all of their employees detailing what personally motivates them on a daily basis. We could break it into sections such as:

- How often does one need a 1:1 conversation?

- How autonomous one would like to be?

- How important work-life balance is?

- What would one prefer feedback or coaching conversation?

- How does one like to be appreciated, recognised or rewarded?

- How do you like to learn?

- What activities get you energised?

- What activities deplete your energy?

- Are you goal, people, or target oriented when it comes to achievements?

- What role do you think you play the best within any team?

The above, all fit into four categories and can be elaborated on:

- You can get the best of me when ...............

- You can get the worst of me when..............

- You can count on me to ..............................

- This is what I need from you ......................

Wouldn't it be a better approach to engagement and motivation than anything else we currently do at organisations? Knowing how your people operate.

As we learn in Psychology, your life is in your daily actions/habits. Your breakfast, the time in the gym, Sunday lunch with family, the daily commute to work, daily bedtime with your kids, the football you play with your friends once a week, the weekly grocery shopping trip with your partner, daily dog walks etc... Make sure you enjoy those and you will enjoy life.

The same applies to motivation and engagement. They lie in your small daily actions, not in monthly events or annual celebrations so get them right for your employees and you will be fine.

You also need to recognise the moment when motivation is to help find the next motivating role for your employee.

Most of us run out of motivation in the same role or workplace at some point. This is when you change the conversation and help find the next best move. Nothing will engage and motivate your guys like this small action trust me.

I did that with a company and it worked magic.

If you need help with your people practices contact us for a free consultation.

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