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Debunking the Corporate Nonsense

The fact that we have to speak like, " I am happy to share that I started a new position.." or "I am thrilled to be joining a team.." or What an honour to be part of..." or "It was an absolute pleasure having you on the panel discussion.." or "I’m looking forward to attending" or "Day 2 at the HRSE Summit Expo in Dubai was simply amazing! It was a day of meaningful connections with some familiar HR friends and meeting new faces in the industry. Grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow together.." 

If this doesn't open your eyes to the brainwashing nature of the corporate world, then nothing will. But people talking like this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am more concerned about how much BS they have bought into, which impacts their employees. Having you playing the game is one thing. Playing the stupid game that impacts your team is another, and this is what I don't like: someone's blindness, naivety, and intellectual laziness are impacting me. No, Susan, I don't buy into any HR BS you have created, so leave me alone. Let's dive in. 

How many times a day do you say, "This makes no bloody sense!" Probably too many! Why? Because people are intellectually lazy. Here are some of the things that make no sense, yet corporate folks are happy to dance to the tune: 

The company culture nonsense: 

The toxic leadership nonsense: 

The "People leave bad managers" nonsense: 

The "Hire for attitude" nonsense: 

The "Every leader must have influencing skill" nonsense: 

The DEI nonsense: 

The mental health issue nonsense: 

The "HR is in charge of the people" kind of nonsense: 

How much more nonsense shall I debunk before people say, "Maybe I am just doing things without thinking." Please, make it make sense and get off that corporate bandwagon. 

PS: The real success is that you don't have to be on LinkedIn. Since we are all here, none of us has been successful. Thank you!


Exciting news! My second book, "Blind Leading the Disengaged - From Kindergarten to Employee Experience," is dropping in May! It's a treasure trove of solutions and cool ideas to shake up your people management game. But before we get there, let's chat about where we're at now—The Corporate Kindergarten, as I spilt the beans in my first book. Check it out, and let's transform your workplace from a daycare to an awesome employee experience hub!:

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