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Strengths-Based Interview & CV

As I am helping somebody articulate his strengths during his upcoming interview and rewriting his CV in a strengths-based way, I thought it would also be helpful for you guys to know how each strength would start an answer during an interview. These sentences should be backed up with clear examples related to the job.

So here they are:

  • Achiever - I bring diligence and stamina to any team and drive completion.

  • Activator - I don't talk about what needs to be done, I start doing them.

  • Adaptability - If there is a last-minute change to make my team relies on me.

  • Analytical - I simplified a complex problem, and we won the client.

  • Arranger - I manage the largest and the most complex projects currently.

  • Belief - I saved my company from a mistake raising concerns about ethics.

  • Command - I stepped in during a company uproar and mediated.

  • Communication - I write speeches for my CEO to motivate the teams.

  • Competition - I achieved the highest revenue on the sales team last year.

  • Connectedness - I build teams because together, we are stronger.

  • Consistency - I set clear goals & expectations that everyone can follow.

  • Context - I found the root cause of a problem that nobody noticed.

  • Deliberative - I anticipated a roadblock in the project and avoided failure.

  • Developer - I was in charge of growing the next talent.

  • Discipline - I have established a structure to create stability.

  • Empathy - I use my empathy to handle complaints with 100% success.

  • Focus - I set goals and keep the team on track to achieve them.

  • Futuristic - I designed the team vision and anticipated future trends.

  • Harmony - I found a solution that worked for everyone during a team conflict.

  • Ideation - My new perspective on AI made us thousands of $.

  • Includer - I identified a pool of talent everyone ignored and filled vacant roles

  • Individualisation - I match talent with the right job 92% of the time.

  • Input - I am the source of information for my colleagues.

  • Intellection - I stopped my team many times from thoughtless actions.

  • Learner - I learn about new things and then train my colleagues.

  • Maximiser - I used my team's strengths and achieved better results.

  • Positivity - I bring up their spirit when the team is down.

  • Relator - My authenticity allows me to build genuine relationships at work.

  • Responsibility - People trust me because I always deliver what I promise.

  • Restorative - I solved a problem nobody could for years.

  • Self-Assurance - My confidence provides certainty to my teams.

  • Significance - The company can leverage my network of influential people.

  • Strategic - I drafted several options for the client when others failed.

  • Woo - I represent my company during networking events.

If you want to learn more about how strengths work:

And if you want to discover your strengths, I am happy to help just click the link.

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