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This is What Happens When You Know How to Use Your Strengths

This is what happens when you challenge a strengths coach to tap into her strengths and do something she has no bloody clue how to:-)

I sent my friend a screenshot of the numbers about my post views on Sunday when I had 500K impressions (in 7 days), saying OMG! I was well happy. She just replied with a "1 million." I thought, "I hate my friends:-)."

But I love a good challenge, so my strengths got activated. How?

  • My Learner: Studied what type of content that I write resonates with people.

  • My Intellect: Analysed and processed the complex available information about the well-performing posts. This strength empowers me to clarify, understand, and explain things, regardless of the topic or situation.

  • My Focus: Zoomed in on the task!

  • My Achiever: Gave me the stamina to stay on task.

  • My Discipline: Kept me sticking to the strategy of posting twice a day every day.

So by Wednesday noon, the views hit 1 million.

When you know your strengths, you know how to use them to your advantage. You immediately deploy them when challenges arise and face the fight with the most powerful weapons you can ever have.


My top 10 strengths (see below) do two things; I figure out complex matters and make things happen even if I don't know how initially. In fact, the less I understand or know about the matter, the more excited I get about finding the solution.

To my strengths, it is all about the joy of "I told you I will solve this problem" & "I told you I can do it". To me, it is all about understanding how they show up.

If you want to know yours, here is the link to a guided course helping you discover and apply your strengths immediately. Who is your coach? I AM:-)


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