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How Do Your Strengths Sound in Your Head?

As a CliftonStrengths coach, I pay a lot of attention to how my strengths show up and they can be funny or absolutely savage. It is a fascinating game if you learned to play it.

So here is a line for each to demonstrate how they may sound in your head when they are in savage mode:-)

  • Achiever - People are so slow, I completed my task a long time, come on!

  • Activator - What the hell are you people waiting for? Move!

  • Adaptability - These people need to chill and just go with the day.

  • Analytical - People are caught up in emotions, give me numbers!

  • Arranger - Jesus, (s)he is so disorganised gives me anxiety.

  • Belief - You do you, I don't care, but just know, you are wrong.

  • Command - Just take a bloody decision! How difficult is that?

  • Communication - These people (quiet) are antisocial.

  • Competition - Second place is as good as the last place. Loser!

  • Connectedness - Why do they have to understand everything?

  • Consistency - Why is this kid still up at 9 pm? Bedtime is at 8! Poor parenting!

  • Context - You are in a s..t? Think about how you go there.

  • Deliberative - These people honestly, I told you it won't work. I told you so!

  • Developer - I will fix that person because nobody else can.

  • Discipline - Just bloody get it done! You don't need to like it, you need to do it.

  • Empathy - What an emotional prick!

  • Focus - You don't have a goal? Oh, (s)he doesn't know coming or going!

  • Futuristic - How come you cannot see it? You lack imagination.

  • Harmony - Here we go, another drama from Karen. Eye roll.

  • ideation - People are so boring, they don't have any interesting ideas.

  • Includer - They always forget someone or something don't they?

  • Individualisation - Here we go, another one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Input - How come you don't know this? Everyone knows that.

  • Intellection - When there is no problem to solve we don't need to talk.

  • Learner - People who need to be taught are just lazy. I can learn alone.

  • Maximiser - These people are happy with mediocrity. Average!

  • Positivity - Here comes negative Nancy, she always has an issue.

  • Relator - They invited even the kitchen sink to this party.

  • Responsibility - Why am I always the one who sorts everything out?

  • Restorative - I will solve this because you guys are useless.

  • Self-Assurance - She plays it too safe, that's why she is still where she is.

  • Significance - These people never acknowledge what I do for them.

  • Strategic - There is not one way of doing things you know? Eye roll.

  • Woo - How boring is this party? Let me spice things up!

They can be so savage right?:-))))

If you want to learn about your strengths here is your personal CliftonStrengths coach:

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