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You Hire for Attitude Yet, Organisations are Full of People with Poor Attitude

Hire for skills and knowledge and fire for attitude. Organisations don't ask for much when it comes to attitude, so if that's your hiring criteria ..... The bar is low! Shouldn't people who ruin the morale be fired? Why is it even up for debate? Why is this a strategy? We cannot make that as a recruitment strategy. Be brave enough to fire people with a bad attitude so you don't have to put in place a recruitment strategy that is on defence, resulting in filling the organisation up with incompetent people. That's why I left the hotel industry, full of incompetent people whose minds stuck in the past century. 

I have written about this in the past, but here it is from another angle. 

Training people costs a fortune, but firing people with bad attitudes costs less. By the way, everyone gets hired for skills, knowledge, expertise, and competence, and almost everyone gets fired for attitude. Even if the attitude is the right one but it may go against the boss's ideas. So, who decides about that attitude criteria??? Just asking for a friend:-))

I have seen people with great attitudes (a feeling or opinion about something or someone) who were right about the matter get fired because their attitude went against the boss's idea or challenged the organisation's unethical doings. We all know about whistleblowing cases, right? So don't give me the BS of hiring for attitude. Nobody gets hired for that, but most people get fired for it. 

Also, if we are that concerned about our attitude, why do we fire the good people and keep the horrible ones? Why are organisations riddled with people with questionable attitudes and behaviour? Why do employees complain about bullying, being shouted at, harassed, and all that? Organisations' attitude narrative is just as weak as their "we are a family" one. They cannot deliver it, so maybe it is time to stop saying things that are easily thrown away by the first sign of possible profit gain. You fire your family members when you want to increase profit, and you don't fire toxic people when they are the top salespeople or the ones who cover up your wrongdoings. Come on now!

But the trend is changing, and finally, the world can see what I have been saying for years: HIRE FOR SKILLS.

Here is the latest recruitment report to help you escape the old saying of nothing. I strongly recommend looking at #6 because I have been saying this for years as well and written about in my book below:-))))) The times of delusion are over! Let's face reality. 

PS: Attitude is important, but maybe not in every role, circumstance, or way we view attitude. Large companies are not successful because their founders had great attitudes. They are successful because their employees are competent. 

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