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Why Resume is Just a Fraction of One's Story

A resume tells you where someone has been but not where they could go.

We have seen it millions of times. People's talents are wasted by not allowing them to do anything besides job descriptions.

They offer to change things, design new ways of doing things, make processes more efficient, and provide solutions to existing problems, yet, they are all rejected.

But it is not only the organisation that is losing out. Employees are losing out on job opportunities because they cannot include all those rejected ideas in their CVs. They are prevented from showcasing the talent that would allow them to get the next role.

This is why it is important not to just look at resumes. They tell us very little about the person's potential; we cannot define one's potential by studying the past.

Asking people simple questions like, "What change have you ever wanted to make or proposed but never got to do it? Why and how would you have done it?"

We can also ask questions about the combination of one's skills and talent and what the person could do with that combination. Try to prime people's brains and get them thinking about how they could combine their transferable competencies and what that would look like.

This is where one's potential is hidden, but often people themselves don't know it, so you need to get it out.

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