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Who is Fixing the Problem? Dysfunctional Team

I used this during a workshop where the team was dysfunctional, struggled with many conflicts, and played the blame game. I gave them this and just asked what they thought of it. They laughed, even named the people, and added more people like social media guys making Tiktok and the finance guy who is thinking about the cost.

But then they realised they were in the same boat (no pun intended:-)

This picture (not sure of the source) perfectly depicts the team dynamics we often experience in organisations. The only question I could think of is:

Who is fixing the problem? Because that is the only person we don't see in the picture and most of the time in organisations. We all have the one who:

- Brings up the issue

- Are more worried about their reputation than the problem

- Comparing us to those who are worse off than us to make us feel better so we don't need to take any action

- Mind their own business. They are just doing their specific job, nothing more & ignoring the bigger picture

- Find one thing we can be proud of but ignore everything else. They even make social media announcements about that proud thing while the house at the back is on fire

- Thrives in chaos and dysfunction (I love those:-))

- Is always positive

- Is more concerned about the delivery of the message than the message itself (those are the ones who pick up the wrong font on the slide and miss the point of the presentation entirely)

- Can't see how smaller problems can eventually cause the fall of all of us

- Avoids seeing the problem and removes those who do and want to do something about it

- Takes every comment as criticism and as a bad intention. Those are the ones who say, "If you don't like it here, go and find another job (I had a boss like that)

Team dynamics are sometimes the obstacles to problem-solving. They also paint a pretty good picture of the team's culture and operations.

Try to name the people on the picture using your team members' names and add more if you need. See if you can find a person for each description. The less you find, the better your team dynamic is (probably).

Are you in the same boat???:-)


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