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When HR Shouts TGIF :-)

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind TGIF?

Why are we so happy about it? I never really thought about its meaning until one of my HR directors used to happily shout it each Friday, and I thought, "What kind of message is it when HR doesn't want to be here?"

But really, what does it mean when we say TGIF?

  • Does it mean that we are excited about the next two days of family time?

  • Does it mean we are excited about the hobbies we get to do?

  • Does it mean that we are happy to see the back of work & colleagues?

  • Does it mean that we are excited about the break in the routine?

  • Does it say anything about team dynamics, atmosphere, and culture?

Should we be paying attention to how often people say it? How do they say it? Do you know why you are saying it? Is it because everyone is saying it, or do you mean TGIF? If so, why?

Why are we so happy for it to be Friday and unhappy that it’s Monday?

Forget about the social narrative around Mondays and Fridays. Are you truly unhappy about Monday and happy that it is already Friday?

I never said TGIF until the toxicity of my boss made weekends look like an escape. This was when I resigned. The moment I hated Mondays and celebrated Fridays. I loved my job, so that kept me going, but I knew that attaching such a meaning to two days in the calendar was unhealthy.

I literally resigned because of the feeling of TGIF.

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