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Using Your Team's Strengths Will Build a Strong Company

You are building your organisation on weak walls l if you only look at employees through the lens of your competency framework and model. Remove the colourful bricks (CliftonStrengths & Personality) and see what you have left with.

People have so much more to them than company-outlined competencies, yet, we tend to ignore everything they got to bring.

Those companies that consider and leverage employees' strengths perform way better. Why?

Because employees who use their strengths outperform those who don't.

Developing employees without acknowledging their natural talent, strengths, and personalities almost certainly leads to disengagement, retention challenges, and underperformance.

Why do you think organisations struggle to retain people and get the best out of them?

Strengthen those walls because removing peoples' strengths leaves you with a set of competencies quickly made obsolete by the continuously changing environment.

This means you have to adjust them four times a year, but you don't. You continue to develop and measure people on things that no longer benefit the organisations.

Strengths, on the other hand, are flexible and come naturally to people, all you have to do is direct their strengths toward the next challenge.

Do you know your strengths?Find out and put them to work!

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