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The Pitfall of Multi-Level Recruitment

The more people are involved in your recruitment process, the more likely you will end up with a mediocre employee. True story from the #hospitality:

Imagine a world where the GMs cannot even build their leadership team. Now don't get me wrong, we do need safeguards to avoid lousy hiring, but this example blew my mind:

- Step 1 - HR interviews the Head of the Department candidate

- Step 2 - GM interviews

- Step 3 - HR VP interviews

- Step 4 - VP Operation interviews

- Step 5 - COO interviews

- Step 6 - Owners interview

Here is the newsflash, the person who is liked by all six of them is likely a person with no genuine opinion, lack of character, and no creativity because a person whom everyone wants has no kick. That is the person who goes with the flow and serves everyone but no one.

People who make changes are the ones with spikes and are liked by very few.

There are no perfect people/candidates, only perfect people for that particular role.

So stop looking for perfection through multi-level hiring processes because the more people are involved, the less likely you will find the masterpiece (talent) for that particular role in a specific environment.

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