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Take Responsibility for Your Burnout

My gran would say, "People push you as far as you let them push you."

I have a major issue with people rejecting responsibility for what they allow others to do to them and to themselves and then playing the victim.

There is no difference between burnout and being used in a relationship. In both cases, we allowed that to happen, and now we blame the other party. While it is not something we would like partners, friends or employers to do, it does happen, and the more we allow it, the more it will happen.

"If your husband cheats on you the first time, it is not your fault. From then onwards, it is on you. You gave the green light." another wisdom of gran.

Things happen in life, but we must pay attention, recognise how it impacts us, how we contribute to it, and draw boundaries very quickly.

We cannot keep playing the victim, at some point, we need to hand in our victim card and say, "They did what I allowed them to do."

People burn out not because the workload is overwhelming. Not because they took on more than they could chew or toxic work culture. They burn out because they refuse to acknowledge their situation, and instead of taking back control, they hand it over in exchange for their victim card. It is often easier.

Avoiding burnout requires self-respect, self-awareness, facing the situation, communicating it, and setting clear boundaries. This simple recipe will save you from ruining your life as it applies to every other part of your daily experiences and relationships.

If you face burnout, try to address the situation and if you cannot, save yourself by making an exit plan. It might not happen tomorrow, but eventually, it will. It is better than holding on to your victim card.

Hand it in!

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