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Stop This Leadership Nonsense

Now let's address this nonsense because everyone is bandwagoning with this. "True leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders."

Imagine a ship where everyone is prepared to be a captain or where everyone is a captain. That ship will not sail far.

I know this message appeals to your ego, but I have never seen a more nonsense online quote. It is a seriously ill advice that feeds into the current state of the workforce, where everyone wants to lead, but nobody wants to do the job. Who on earth are you all leading?

This quote lacks practicality and avoids reality. Only those who have been lazy enough to think about it will post this. Everyone else understands that If you want anything to get done through a group of people, you need one leader who sets the direction and communicates it to the followers so they can execute the task. Since when executing & following has become a dirty word?

There are no leaders, achievements or progress without followers. Followers have the power, not the leaders. Success is their hard work!

Being a great follower is an underrated skill that never gets discussed. Just look at college and uni curriculums where they sell the idea of "You will be a leader". That's not true. It is more likely that you will hold a leadership role but it won't make you a leader. Real leaders are rare to find, so don't kid yourself.

But the good news is that you don't have to be one. How about if we changed the narrative and educated people that there is an equally if not more noble, way to contribute? Be exceptionally good at something! Be a subject matter expert instead of aiming to be an average leader.

Today's leaders aren't good at anything, so we put them in leadership roles.

Be the best carpenter, the best lawyer, the best plumber or teacher. Contribute to society or organisations through your exceptional skill or knowledge. This is what a fantastic follower looks like, and I just cannot understand why it is so bad that everyone would rather be an average leader than the best bin man or a subject matter expert in building roads. This is where the actual value is not in mediocre leaders.

99% of any workforce is made up of followers, and we never talk about it. Why? Because we don't value skills, expertise and contribution. We teach leaders how to lead, but we are not teaching people how to be great followers who deliver billions of profit year after year, move organisations and societies forward, or keep cities running through their hard work. Shouldn't we be paying more attention to this subject?

True leaders create fantastic followers who execute the vision, mission, and goals and prepare one or two successors to ensure the continuation of organisational & societal success.

This is what great leaders do. Just look around, and you will see it.

And if you still don't understand the power and importance of followers, have a look at this lesson from a dancing shirtless guy. Watch the video here.

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