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Recruitment Differently - Break The Rules

I was talking to a recruiter last week and loved that chat. She said, "I was happy in my job but then ...... approached me and took me, and I am glad they did."

The "they took me" really got me. Shouldn't recruitment be like that? You see a talent, and you hire the person. It really is that simple. I know someone who has been interviewing for a position for three months. After several rounds still waiting.....

Surely recruitment is broken by all the made-up rules:

- Several rounds of interviews are needed. No, you can have one interview if you get everyone in the room at once.

- Making people wait and making it hard to get in will create a higher level of appreciation for the job. That's not true.

- We need first to see internal talent than external and select several to ensure equal opportunity. Maybe. But the job is to hire the best talent, and if you see the best talent on the street or on LinkedIn, just hire the person. You don't need to go around in circles. Rules are made for general situations. If something out of the norm happens, you must grab the opportunity and not ruin it with policies.

As Marcus Buckingham's book "First Break All the Rules." Great managers and leaders treat people differently but fairly and focus on equal outcomes. How?

- Select for talent, not for experience, determination or intelligence.

- Manage performance by defining the right outcomes but not the right steps to get there. Allow talent to show up on the journey. You will see magic if you hire well. Talented people don't need to be told how to get there. They just know.

- Motivate by focusing on strengths, not on weaknesses.

- Develop the right fit, not the next one on the rung.

There you are. Easy peasy. But you need the talent to make that happen:-)

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