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Let People Make a Plan for Themselves

We all heard it, "We have a plan for you", says your manager or HR. But it almost always turns out that the only plan is to keep you.

Yesterday, I was looking at the social media posts of three of our previous employees. They were great at their jobs, and obviously, the managers and HR wanted to retain them with the slogan "We have a plan for you."

Guess what? Today they have a life we could have never given them in a span of 2-3 years due to our old-school mentality. Where are they now today?

- From a restaurant hostess > Having her successful luxury property agency in Mexico.

- From a waiter > Moving to Canada, joining an airline as a flight attendant and travelling the world. He is in Tokyo now and having fun.

- From telephone operator > Being a head of a business unit (property). Living his best life in Dubai.

It seems that the slogan can only retain those who don't trust themselves and/or are lost in their career.

Highly competent and self-assured employees don't wait around for a manager's plan. They don't wait to be promoted or their competence to be validated. They go and figure things out.

I know many people who left the hotel industry because we could not maximise their potential within such a short period of time.

They all said one thing in common; "I can do so much more, I want to do so much more, and I want to do it now. I don't want to wait".

Well, lovelies, I say what I always said to all of you, go and do what you think is the best for you.

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