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How to Average Out Employee Performance

Here is an easy read for Friday. What do schools, gyms, hiking or workplaces have in common? They are very good at lowering and averaging our performance.

Here is the same lesson that keeps repeating itself no matter where we go.

At school, we would get tasks in our workbooks to complete. I was always in the top 3-5 who finished it first. Upon completion, I would put my head down on the desk and sleep. I slept throughout my school years between the age of 12 and 18:-)) Teenagers hey?

But the teacher didn't like it so they would give us an extra exercise to complete. We learned quickly and we managed our time to finish together with the rest.

At the gym, I finish my rounds rather quickly so I could take ample rest until the others complete theirs. But do you think this is what happens? I need to run another 400 meters or complete another set of exercises. No, I take it easy and finish with the others.

At work, well, we all know the saying "The reward for being good at your job or being efficient is more work." So we learned this lesson and employees are spending millions of hours at work unproductive. Most could finish their job much earlier but we have taught them that it is not the best idea as they will be given more.

During hiking, I learned a different lesson though. Why? Because there is no more mountain to give to high performers otherwise the same would apply.

Hiking has taught me that high performers have it much easier. We march ahead, then remember the others, we take a break while waiting for them and have food, drink, laughter, and fun. The moment they catch up we set out again. They never get the same amount of rest because us leaving put pressure on them to continue. They are constantly struggling while we have it much easier.

The only way to avoid this is to put people with similar capabilities together. The same applies at work if capabilities are widely different. There will be those who are already in Abu Dhabi whilst the others are still putting petrol in their cars in Dubai. That is not a team. That is a bunch of people doing their own thing.

A team requires similar performance from each individual otherwise the performance will be averaged out. High performers will lower their input and lower performers will continue doing what they are doing.

The capacity to perform higher is the key. Can I increase your performance by putting you together with stronger people? This should be the question when we build teams.

If you punish high performance you will get average.

Happy Friday and here is a good read for the weekend about employees, performance, team, leadership, and many more...

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