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Gen Z & Proximal Development

Could this be why we often hear the "I am not learning" slogan at work, especially from Gen Z?

Studies show that sitting next to A players (high performers) increases your performance by 15%, whilst sitting next to B & C players (mid-low performers) can decrease your performance by up to 30%.

We also know that the overall competence level starts declining as the number of employees grows at organisations. This is simply a numbers game because hiring hundreds of thousands of A players is impossible.

We know one more thing: no other generation in the workforce has been exposed to more content than Gen Z, which significantly impacts their learning.

Their proximal development has been supplemented and sped up by technology, which means they fill that gap very quickly if they feel the need. They no longer rely on their peers/managers only to learn because they can find answers online when they have a question.

But what happens when they do that? They feel that they are not being taught by others but obtaining learning by themselves therefore, they quickly conclude that they don't learn.

Now add these all together, and you will see that you have a generation eager to learn, but organisations are filled with B players from different generations who hinder that learning, therefore, they rely on themselves for development.

Could it be that despite organisations providing training, learning & development opportunities, Gen Z keeps saying that "I am not learning" because they are looking for A players to learn from, and we lack that?

Is this why startups and starting their business are attractive to this generation?

What do you think?

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