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From Kindergarten to Employee Experience

In my first book, The Corporate Kindergarten, I laid out problems and some solutions organisations face today. But then I realised that we are not looking at things in the right way. Things must be reframed for them to see that change is inevitable.

So in my second book "From Kindergarten to Employee Experience" (coming in March 2024), I want to show the change that needs to take place moving from building a paper cup tower and calling it team building to how to actually build teams.

I aim to teach the world how to design employee experiences using an existing blueprint from the customer service industry so HR professionals can embark on a journey of change instead of running in their hamster wheels of frameworks and following silly practices. No Sharon, we don't want to sit on the floor and build spaghetti towers so you can make a long-ass LinkedIn post about it and call it "I realised the importance of teamwork." Let me just say this, if I were a CEO, I would fire HR people based on posts like this. It screams incompetence and we can no longer overlook the problem.

In the past year, I have written hundreds of articles and if you pay attention they are all about Employee Experiences in seven areas:

  • Attract

  • Hire

  • Onboard

  • Engage

  • Perform

  • Develop

  • Depart

For each of these areas, I will provide innovative but practical ideas that suit the new generations and address the problems organisations are facing. Every single leader or manager I spoke to in the past three years complained about four things they struggle with:

  • Hiring talent

  • Retaining talent

  • Developing talent

  • Their productivity

We can no longer entertain the idea that it is sufficient to throw out a silly LinkedIn post or fix one of the seven areas and everything will be fine It won't! If you get through the first hurdle of attracting talent because your recruitment team is creative and people-oriented enough to redesign their processes but the operational team messed up the onboarding process and now you lost an employee two months into employment what is the point?

Those seven areas must be designed carefully and in relation to each other otherwise, there is no point. When we think silos we pay for training that are not in line with practices or policies in other areas and waste money.

A hotel CEO is designing and launching a new ultra-luxury brand next year and when he told me about the concept I told him off! Lol. I said we have redesigned everything in this bloody industry from the chandelier to the char in the last twenty years but our guys are still working under the conditions of the USSR. We don't have a problem with hotel designs but with employee experiences. Nobody wants to work in the industry and now you are telling me that you want to launch another "looks good on the front but rotten at the back" concept? You cannot!

He looked at me and said, design it! So I am busy doing just that:-) Scared a little because his expectations are super high......

So yes, don't think fixing one area of the employee journey because it won't work. You need to address all seven areas with hundreds of points, policies, procedures, and practices under each of those seven. It is a massive job, years of work if you ask me but this is what HR and leaders should be focusing on instead of paper cup tower building.

Because the problem exists, it is screaming for your attention, it is your problem to solve despite being afraid of change. We are at the point of people are tired enough of the BS for them to move and make that change. Jump on the opportunity, your people need you. Your organisation need your HR! Is it going to be hard? YES!!!

Nothing that is worth your effort is easy only the paper cup tower building. That's easy because it is worth absolutely nothing.

PS: I know I said I will never touch hotels and I still stand by it, but I want to do this with this CEO because he is one of the best in the industry!!! I would not even do this for SB (Sebastien Bazin) despite him being my favourite CEO ever:-)

My book is on different Amazon sites (below link). Enjoy and get ready for a more constructive book but less sarcastic lol

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