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Disconnect Between Recruitment & Resources

Do we consider available resources when we recruit? Well, we should, right?

But what do I mean by this? Do we consider:

  • When we enthusiastically bring on board managers and leaders who show potential but require nurturing and development but don't have the budget.

  • Necessary certificates (i.e. NEBOSH, or Police certifications here in the UAE) so we won't have to cheat during audits because we hired someone without the required role-specific certification and we had no budget to rectify this gap.

  • The lack of role models when we want to change culture and bring in new people only for them to get lost in the masses because we had no resources to provide support.

  • When we hire untrained people with no experience (hire for attitude) but we do not calculate this into the budget and the training departments' manning.

  • When we hire Gen Z and Gen X who are highly tech-reliant but we still run the company with an Excel sheet which they have no idea how to do because they know we have systems and AI for that.

  • The impact of lack of self-confidence of leaders on their teams but not having sufficient resources that would help leaders overcome that.

  • When we hire leaders from highly structured reputable organisations with the expectations to implement structures but not having the required resources.

  • When we hire fifty interns that require a full-time employee to manage their experiences but we fail to budget for it so we just outsource it to the managers who have no time for them.

  • When we promise growth and development but we don't have the opportunities or time to develop people because the manning is lean.

  • Looking at a person's ability to handle pressure when the role is a high-pressure role and we don't have mental health support.

  • When we hire traditional HR people to transform the organisation but we don't have anybody the new person could learn from so he/she continues the traditional way of doing HR.

  • When we hire a senior leader to implement e-commerce without them understanding e-commerce and we haven't got the budget for training that person about it.

I know that we have recruitment criteria but I am 100% sure those criteria do not come from this thought process but from us wanting people to hit the ground running. We want ready people who don't need training or development so we design our budget accordingly. But we are also happy to say "Hire for attitude because you can train for skills." Sure, but not without resources.

Do we make connections between resources and the people we hire? Do we consider what type of environment we bring people into that may not be suitable for their strengths, weaknesses, needs, or wants?


Have you ever looked around at work and thought, “What a whole lot of bullshit!” I am sure you have many times. At least once a week. Every day!

Traditional HR and organisational practices don’t work in a world where everything changes constantly. This book provides every corporate folk out there with specific examples of outdated and often ridiculous practices and presents practical solutions to address those.

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