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Competency Frameworks are Designed for Teams

The moment we understand that competencies are for teams and not for the individuals it changes the game.

We preach about the importance of teamwork and about how successful leaders build teams based on different qualities etc. Yet, we are convinced that everyone must demonstrate the same long list of competencies companies have created. Focusing only on developing individual competencies companies risk having teams that are less than the sum of their parts.

Here is from my company. Tell me if one person can have it all and I will come and hire that person. These are in addition to the technical skills and knowledge the person must demonstrate in order to be able to do the job. Those are musts.

- Representativeness

- Aligning & Engaging and Empowered Team

- Building Business Partnership

- Negotiating with Influence

- Advocating Guest Passion

- Communicating with Impact

- Organising & Planning

- Strategic Decision Making

- Driving Change, Innovation & Culture

- Establishing Strategic Direction

- Commercial Acumen

That is for one person. We all know it is impossible and unnecessary.

These competencies outline what a successful high-performing team looks like for a certain function within the organisation, therefore, they are made for teams not for individuals.

They are made for teams because we know that there is no such thing as well-rounded individuals only well-rounded teams and the leader's job is to assemble a team that collectively meets those competencies.

That way, maybe we can get leaders to build their teams with purpose and appreciate people's unique talents.

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