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Young People in Leadership Positions

The rise of young professionals in managerial and leadership roles has presented us with a new challenge which no organisation (that I know of) has ever responded to.

The emotional immaturity to deal with or rather manage and lead people.

Is it something to expect? Absolutely! Can we train them? Hmmmm, we can coach them, but we cannot pour emotional and cognitive maturity into people. Time will do that in the meantime, we have the responsibility to coach these guys.

Young leaders and managers react to things because they haven't seen them before and don't know what to do. Older generations or more experienced leaders handle things differently and in a calmer way because they have already seen them and know what to do.

I have seen people crying over things like being excluded from a meeting, scheduled for a different shift, employees not following instructions, or arguing with another manager over chairs.

Here is a story of a 25-year-old leader I supported for a couple of years. This video is not only for young leaders and managers but also for older generations and L&D so they can understand the support they need to provide and their role in developing the next generations.

Older generations, you have the most beautiful role in coaching and mentoring the next in line and instead, you choose to compete againts them. Why?

PS: During the years, I also supported a 52-year-old with the same problem. Sometimes, it is not about the age.....-:)

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