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Women are "Forced" Into This Boss Bi..h Role

This one will be controversial but hey:-))

I don't get into anything that has something to do with modern feminist narratives. I have my opinion on them but I tend to keep it. However, I want to share what I have observed in the workplace, from interviews with women, and from social media messages.

Society and circumstance force women into this Girl Boss role, but most are having a horrible time with it. We are told we need to be CEOs, independent, and stand on our own feet because that will beat the patriarchy. Then we were shown highly successful women as examples, making us believe that if they can do it, we can too. But nobody shows us the story of those women why they got there and what are the consequences of this forced role.

Let me start by saying that there are four groups. Of course, humans are complicated but let's narrow it down to four.

First is the women who are legit more masculine and are born to be Boss Bi..ces. Their characteristics match male characteristics and naturally blend into their world. They are not very comfortable fulfilling feminine roles like motherhood, however, they might take them on and just get on with it. Minority of the female bosses.

Second, the ones who have the "perfect blend of masculine and feminine in them. They are comfortable in both roles and switch between them with ease.

The third group are the feminine women with families who are forced by the cost of living to work. These women would love to dedicate more time to their families but now have no choice. They struggle to balance out economic challenges and their feminine inclinations.

The fourth group is the one we need to watch out for because they struggle, and they are the majority of Girl Bosses. These are the women who are feminine and don't play masculine roles very well but they have to. Women get into masculine energy when they don't feel protected, cared and provided for. The disintegration of family structures (single parents) in the past few decades has taught women (we learned best from our single mothers) that if we want to feel protected and cared for we have to provide that for ourselves. Apparently, it means we are empowered. No, it is not, it is a must if we want to exist. So we went to work. But then the twist.

We now had no time or energy left for establishing and building families, supervising our children, caring for our husbands and parents, and providing love and nurturing to anybody. This is a huge role and it takes up almost all the energy of a feminine female. So we ditched this role.

We changed the narrative to "Self-Love" and "Self-Care" because this seemed easier. We twisted the term feminist who fought for equal legal rights to break the glass ceiling and make men look like monsters. They are not, we just stepped into their energy and now they compete.

Social narratives told women that we are inadequate without a CEO title or not being able to provide for ourselves. So we are doing it but at what cost?

Masculine men don't know what to do with us hence we attract feminine men who we can control. We wear the pants at work and home and have difficulties playing that role. We are forced into this masculine role 24/7 and as a result, struggle to build relationships. This is literally Mother Nature telling us "Hey girl, can you just listen to your genetic coding? Thank you!"

I have spoken to female CEOs, business owners, senior leaders etc. The minority loves it and wouldn't change it for the world. The vast majority though would give up all that in a split second for a family and a loving caring husband. The problem is, that they don't know how to attract such men or communicate this because they have been in their masculine energy for so long that they forgot how to be a woman.

Add this to your well-being agenda and start addressing things at their root cause or at least let women decide what they want. Let's start the conversation at a corporate level instead of pushing out another female empowerment agenda (possibly designed by women from the fourth group?) that may be causing the problem.

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