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Transparency Means Access to Data

I just love how Sheikh Mohammed (Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai,) publishes the best and worst government centres every year.

Transparency is key to success but this transparency is not observed in organisations. This got me thinking.

If organisations were so proud of their culture, leaders, and employee experiences, and would want to perform better they would publish their employee engagement surveys per department online. Including comments of course because they are more telling than numbers.

And here I am not talking about the Glassdoor kind of review although I would use that platform for exit interviews.

Imagine having data on the company website, that elaborates on the manager so current and future employees could actually get a real feel of what it's like working for that particular manager. The data could include:

  • Name and LinkedIn profile

  • How long the person is in his current role

  • Employee engagement score with comments

  • Department turnover data

  • Exit interview data and comments

This data would be kept on organisations' websites so the person's pattern of behaviour can be traced back by employees, candidates, and even by employers. At the end of the day, this is what we are trying to establish during interviews with managers and leaders. So why not get first-hand info from the employees themselves? We all work with the leader on the team not with the company therefore we need information about the leader not only about the company.

Imagine a world where the candidate can study the leader's behaviour and not just the employer. I think it is fair and it would make a massive difference in leaders' behaviour and employee experiences.

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