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The Wrong Use of E-Learning

E-learning tools are misunderstood, so this is how I explained it to somebody yesterday who complained about its poor usage.

The digital tool replaced the book but not the teacher.

L&D professionals and managers often say, "Please complete this and that module". Nothing is wrong with it because it is the equivalent of a teacher telling us, "Please complete this homework or read that chapter."

BUT, this is where the similarities end because there is no follow-up or accountability at work.

Imagine if teachers told us to study this and that without assessment of our knowledge and understanding of the topic. None of us would have learnt much:-) We try to get away with the least we can; that is human nature.

L&D and managers must have ongoing conversations about the courses they ask their employees to complete. This goes beyond in-course assessments and tests, which we all know how to pass with closed eyes.

However, I often find that managers themselves don't complete the courses they ask of their employees.

If we want to make e-learning successful, we must continue the role of the teacher by discussing the learned topic, providing additional information, and asking questions to establish comprehension and employees' ability to apply their newly gained knowledge.

Without this, no matter how good our tools are, they will never be useful.

As I always say, every system and tool is just as good as its user. So be a good user of digital learning tools, and don't forget; they replaced the book, not the teacher. You are the teacher!

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