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The Work WhatsApp Group is to Collect Brownie Points with the Boss

Let's discuss this because management cannot see WhatsApp groups' detrimental impact on team cohesion. I don't know how it works in your industry but this is what we do in the hospitality. 

We have more Whatsapp groups than brain cells. This is just to start with. Whilst this mode of communication - Whatsapp, not group - speeds things up and the group chat is with good intention, unfortunately, it has created a massive problem and my recommendation is this: You either stop it or put clear guidelines around it because it is ruining the team morale. 

Managers and leaders are using this group to throw each other under the bus. On which planet have we thought that publicly pointing out other departments' mistakes, delays, or work that needs to be done is a good idea? It is the recipe for conflict, animosity, and demotivation. Is this what we wanted? I don't think so but this is what these groups are doing. 

You have those people who want to be in the good book of the big boss or just want to look better than others by pointing out other people's mistakes. How? Like this:

  • They send pictures of cleanliness, maintenance or other issues in the group. 

  • They send the famous: Do we have an update on....? message related to one department. 

  • But the best is this: They take a picture of a colleague who is doing something he/she is not supposed to and send it saying "Can we make sure......?".

I'll tell you something, if you take a picture of my staff and broadcast it I will be in your office faster than you can blink twice and remove your head. Why? Because that is a correct response from any manager or leader. 

WhatsApp groups have ruined teamwork, communication, and morale among the management team and general managers must move away from its incorrect use. It is designed for quick correspondence of events and not to report issues or follow up on them. It is a terrible practice and whilst GMs may think that their managers and directors are communicating, working together and things are moving, it is the exact opposite that is happening. Your managers and leaders are throwing each other under the bus and you are either enjoying it or oblivious to it. 

You can have the best Housekeeping, Maintenance, F&B, Rooms etc and you will always find faults and mistakes. You will always have that one stupid garden fence broken, that carpet torn, that window dirty, and a guest unhappy. Always. So chill Emily and send those directly and PRIVATELY to the concerned person so he or she can sort it out. 

Pointing out other people's mistakes doesn't make you better at your job. Focus on that and make sure your household is tidy before you clean up somebody else's. 

Hotel GMs, please!!!!! Stop ruining your teams with these silly groups allowing grown-up managers and leaders to behave like school kids. 

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