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The Utopian Vision of the "Perfect Workplace"

Disappointment comes from expectation, or as I call it, delusion. The most prominent delusion people entertain at work is the utopian vision of the "perfect workplace".

How does this manifest? Well, pay attention to what people say or do like:

- I am not happy here (could be, but why?)

- There are many issues to be solved (that is called a job. if there were no problems to address, why else would we be there for?)

- Other places have......... (when goes to the other place keeps saying the same thing)

- Job hopping (on the hunt for the perfect place)

But where did we get the utopian vision from? HR & business gurus and organizational PR companies who are extremely good at painting rosy pictures of work with their theories that are completely detached from reality.

Work SOMETIMES is about:

- Doing things you don't want to or have no value or make no sense

- Playing the politics

- Working with people you dislike

- Compromising your values and moral standing

- Keeping your mouth shut

- Being stressed

- Arguing and confronting people

- Having hard conversations

- Deal with arrogance & ego

- Not getting what you want

- Doing the routine and being bored (that's ok! Not every day is about learning, progressing, and development)

Work is always about continuously solving challenges, so this should not overwhelm people or come as a surprise. That is a job!

So next time you are complaining or thinking of quitting, think about this. Every workplace has the same characteristics with a deferring degree, so you should look for a place that matches your ability to handle the intensity of those characteristics.

But, please stop looking for a workplace where these characteristics don't exist. That place is called UTOPIA.

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