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The Symphony of Business Focuses: Profit, Customer, and Employee. One is Not Playing!

"Shifting the HR mindset from a mundane process-driven approach to a vibrant employee experience-oriented philosophy is like moulding 1st-year hospitality interns to view the world through the lens of customer satisfaction. Easy as pie, right?" said someone to me the other day. Not so fast, I replied. 

Give me a 1000 interns, and in just 6 months, I'll have them ready to conquer any challenge with their eyes closed. Now, contrast that with 10 HR professionals who, even after 6 years of training and coaching, will still be clinging to templates, seeking solace in customary practices, and embracing one-size-fits-all procedures—all while passionately discussing their groundbreaking engagement action plan.

Breaking free from ingrained thinking is a Herculean task, far surpassing the effort of instilling a fresh mindset. As I mentioned yesterday, forward-thinking HR maestros have abandoned the shackles of process-centricity and the employee engagement narrative.

Check my latest wisdom drop here:

If you're not crafting your HR journey from the standpoint of employee experience, you're not leading; you're following processes, and your employees sense that in every interaction during their employment journey:


  • HIRE





  • EXIT

The pivotal question to ask is, 'How do I want my employees to feel during these seven stages of their experience with me?' Fail to start from there, and you're squarely process-focused. And guess what? The younger generations, starting with the Millennials, demand an employee-centric approach.

In the grand symphony of business focuses—profit, customer, and employee—the latter often plays second fiddle. Organisations meticulously design everything for profit and customer satisfaction, but what about the neglected third wheel?

Let me spill some truth—it's not about more perks, parties, pizzas, policies, or leadership training sessions. It's about commencing with employee experiences in mind and assembling the puzzle according to their needs. Prepare to be astounded as you realise the mountain of unnecessary baggage accumulated over decades that can be shed to save both money and sanity.

Let's work smart, not hard, and watch as our employees choose to stay because we've cracked the code of genuine employee-centricity. Are you ready to join the revolution? Drop us an email and let's design your employees' experiences based on their needs so you can be compatible.

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