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The Purpose of Work

Modern humans have the tendency to overcomplicate everything including the purpose of work.

The purpose of work is to contribute, trigger a sense of achievement, and earn money so you can live in a society that was designed this way and while you doing this you better have a great time.

But how do we have a great time at work? What if we have overcomplicated this too?

What if we got the basics wrong and now desperately trying to find complex solutions to our problems? What if we just revisited the definitions of what we do and realised the solution is easy and people don't want much?

Leadership is: Getting people to follow you

Management is: Getting people to deliver

Mentorship and training is: Helping people to perform and move on

Trust is: Something you never break because it cannot be restored

Loyalty is: Doing one's best while with the company

Purpose is: Employees have a purpose outside of work they are passionate about

Employee well-being is: Not having an unhealthy environment including toxic leadership and relationships and unreasonable pressure

Performance or contribution is: Having clear expectations of performance, meeting those and the KPIs

Employee Engagement is: The sum of all of the above

How you do those is up to you as a leader or manager as long as you meet all of them. Do you know why all of them? Because then we don't need to come up with random behavioural competencies for you to become somebody else and make sure you are not an a.s.

If you meet all those we know that you are a kind, fair, competent, ethical person who we can trust to lead and manage our people. We know that if you do all those people will have a great day at work and then can go home and enjoy their time building their lives outside.

It is quite simple really.

And as for the employees, make sure you build a life outside of work because believe it or not, work is not the purpose of life. So finish up today early and enjoy time outside of work. Also, ask yourself the question. 'What am I building apart from my career?" Because if it's all you are building you are in trouble.

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