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Needs vs Wants and Why Organisations Stagnate

People don't need help they need attention.

We know this in psychology related to addicts, victims, and people with the victim mindset. Guess what? The same applies to many people in organisations.

Yes, those who constantly complain about work, processes, people, the job, etc. and when you present them with a solution, they don't take it. You would ask the question why?

Because they want the attention the problem gets them and not the solution that fixes it.

Fixing their problem means no more attention.

They would rather have the attention than the help or the solution. They will tell you that they need help in the form of consultants, systems, leadership programs, etc., but when it is presented to them, and all they have to do is take it, they won't, so they get to continue talking and complaining about it. Senior leaders can even get to keep their jobs because the problem still needs to be worked on.

So if you are a friend, a partner, a consultant, or a service provider and you struggle to convince others about the solution to their needs, just know it is not what they want.

It is maybe what they need, but what they want is attention.

PS: I used to fall for these people, but I don't anymore. I walk away because I am not going to entertain their victimhood. There is a solution to everything, but they choose to suffer because it gets them attention.

Also, ask yourself when was the last time a solution was presented to me, and I refused it. Why?

Need help with your organisation's challenges? We are here if you want to address your needs instead of your wants:-)

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