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Learn When to Move On

Learning when to move on in life is a tough one.

The "Should I stay or should I go?" question always pops up in one's head, especially when we love the place and are invested in it. But this is where we go wrong. We get emotionally attached, and that is not always a good thing.

Many of us left our last job towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I am keeping in touch with many and found two common aspects. We all loved the place, but the place had nothing more to give us in terms of growth or learning. No, the promotion did not help, as two of us were promoted and still resigned two months later. The second thing I found, whilst we took time deciding to leave simply because we loved the people, we all are better off six months later.

Entrepreneurs are extremely good at riding waves and knowing when to get off them. When the wave dies out, they jump on the next one. But why do full-time employees have a problem with this?

Whilst workplaces aren't perfect, and yes, we can get better at retaining employees, we also need to know both employees and employers when to have the "Has your wave died out?" kinda conversation. Because if we don't, all you have is complacent, entitled, moaning employees who are waiting for others to change their lives or put them on the next wave.

Knowing when to leave a relationship, a party, or a job can be one's greatest skill in managing life and growing in your career, yet, we don't talk about it. Employees often blame employers, and employers are stuck in the loop of unnecessary & useless motivation. The time always comes when the only motivation is to go or let go.

But the question remains, "When to leave?" Yesterday somebody asked me why I left my company after 16 years. The answer was that I was not inspired no matter where I looked. I knew everything; nothing was new, and this had nothing to do with the role. You could have given me any role. I would have still been busy but bored. I had to go and see something new that I had never seen before.

When you are only busy but bored, it is time to go.

I think that's a pretty good reason for me, but you have to figure out the reason for yourself. Just make sure you are not that annoying house guest who is the last one to leave the party and, at 4 am, still standing in your kitchen asking for more booze. No, James, we don't have more booze. Go home!

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