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Leadership 101

Here is an easy read, the basics of Leadership.

Forget about leadership frameworks and behaviours. Here are the basic must-haves for every leader:

  • Impose consequences for bad behaviour.

  • Don't avoid conflicts when conflict is necessary.

  • Don't go with the flow, you are meant to lead.

  • Show up with integrity & ethics, and do not compromise.

  • Speak your truth and speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. This is your moral obligation.

  • How you behave or what you do matters more than what you say, so be careful, people are watching.

  • Don't allow things that don't serve your team, you, or the organisation to continue. Look for ways that serve everyone.

  • Know that if you fail at least two of the above, you are enabling a toxic culture.

After seeing these basics, I am certain that you rather appreciate the competencies in the competency framework, right? At the end of the day, undergoing a project management, strategic thinking, or an executive presence course is easier than doing any of the above.

Have you ever wondered why?

Overcoming those challenges requires getting to know yourself, which is hard! We can help you, but you need to be up for the challenge.

Join us for the next High Altitude Leadership Bootcamp so we can push you beyond your comfort zone and revolutionise your leadership style.

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