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Is Anybody Following?

Leaders deal with everything but themselves and their people.

We hire them to provide leadership and not to hold leadership roles without providing leadership. But how would they know what they are supposed to do when we can find 100s of different definitions of leadership? How would they know what they are supposed to do when leadership looks different in every company they go to?

I told you many times, that leadership studies are a mess therefore, academia rejects them. There is no such thing as a list of things all good leaders do or leadership styles.

Leadership is "the ability of an individual or a group of people to influence and guide followers or members of an organisation, society or team." How you do it is up to you. You need to figure it out by asking some serious questions.

You must understand how you interact with the world. How you respond to the world and how the world receives that.

Questions to ask about yourself are:

  • How do I think?

  • How do I build relationships?

  • How do I get things done?

  • How do I influence others?

  • How do I handle failure?

  • How do I handle success?

  • How much truth can I bare?

  • How do I feel about being responsible for my team's well-being/happiness/engagement?

Once you understand these you then have these questions to ask about yourself as a leader and your team:

  • Do my people like to be led by me?

  • Do I lead by actions or by words?

  • What impact am I having on the well-being and morale of my team?

  • What are each of my team members good at and how can I leverage that?

  • What are each of my team members motivated by?

  • Am I inspirational enough for anyone to follow me?

  • Why do people follow me?

  • Is anybody following out of their will? Is anybody following at all?

  • Are my team members with me because they want to or because they need to?

Do not get caught up in the leadership mess. All you have to do is understand yourself and the people you are trying to lead. Otherwise how else would Simon Sinek's advice be useful????????????

There is no leadership without self-awareness so put that leadership book down that you are reading and start finding answers to the above questions.

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