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I Hate My Job!

When I listen to people complaining about their job, I always say the same thing; It is not the job, it is the mismatch between you and the job because many people would be very happy in that job.

Job mismatch can happen for millions of reasons.

Some have outgrown the role, and some have never grown into it. It can be due to the wrong skill match, managers, values, strengths etc...

The mistake people make is that they start to overthink it and try to figure out why it is not a match or whose fault it is. While analysing the matter is useful to avoid ending up in a similar situation again, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter.

If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. It is like a pair of wrong-size shoes. It doesn't fit, and it is irrelevant why. Was it my fault for buying the wrong size or the shoe maker's for making it? It is more interesting to find shoes that fit than be obsessed with the pair that doesn't.

So if you feel unhappy about your job, remember, it is not the job. Go and find something that doesn't make you feel this way.

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