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Employee Experience is Not That Difficult

Imagine if employee experience included these small touches:

  • The employer sends the candidate a "Thank you" email right after the interview. No outcome, just a thank you, followed by the next steps with clear timelines. You can literally establish your reputation as an employer and positively impact employee experience from day one, and it costs nothing. Why don’t we want to be different?????

  • During onboarding we asked employees; how they want to learn, how they want to be managed, how they want to receive feedback, or if they want to be coached or mentored and build their development journey accordingly.

  • Once a year, maybe on your birthday, a family breakfast - maybe a posh one, but it depends on your favourite spots in town because we know you that well - is paid for by the employer, encouraging you to spend quality time with your loved ones. I'm just saying! Employee experience doesn't have to be complicated. PS: If it is for your birthday, we would make it a surprise and arrange it behind your back with your family:-))) IMAGINE THAT!

  • Offering employees to take bank holidays off when they want so Muslims can take Christmas holidays' off during EID and Christians could take time off during Christmas or Easter instead of EID (figure this out based on the country you live in).

  • When employees express their desire to move for growth opportunities, and you have no vacancy in your area, instead of letting them go with a "We don't have any opportunity open", let's help place them somewhere else within the organisation.

  • Instead of paper certificates, we showed our appreciation with a surprise. The employee would come to work as usual but would be whisked away by a company car to somewhere the employee likes. For example; book a beach pass for the day or a tennis game with friends. It would be a paid day off with the activity the employee likes doing.

  • Provide employees the opportunity to create their own podcasts where they discuss topics related to their work, hobbies, or personal interests and share them with others. Give them a platform to showcase their talent to the world and create a well-known and listened-to podcast where your employees are the stars.

  • Upon resignation, we have provided strengths-based coaching to help the employee have a great start at the next place by helping them recognise how they can use their talent and strengths in their next role.

  • We had an alumni community with employee profiles, and we checked in with them every 6 months just to say hi and that we hadn't forgotten about them. We would also reach out to them with newly opened career opportunities. We could fill 50% of vacancies just saying:-)

  • We had a company value saying: Do not burn bridges with employees instead, make them our raving fans!

Employee experience doesn't have to cost, all it needs is intention & attention.

PS: If you wanna book me anything, that must be a hiking trip! Otherwise, let me just work:-)))

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