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Don't Bark for Your Dog

Micromanagement is when bosses can't resist meddling too much in their employees' work and decision-making. It's like they're breathing down your neck, even when it's not necessary, and it's not a healthy way to manage people. Micromanaging is a sure way to kill motivation and damage team morale. It's a real productivity killer, can make good employees want to bail, and even mess with people's well-being.

A manager's job is to guide & support. They should create an environment where employees can shine by giving them room to breathe and grow their confidence. Unfortunately, micromanagers do the opposite of that.

Some go as far as calling micromanagement a form of bullying. I wouldn't go that far but I say that if you micromanage you are barking for your dog.

You wouldn't buy a dog and go out in the garden to bark for it would you?

So why hire competent people to make decisions for them and stop them to do the job they are qualified for?

This makes no sense, right? I have seen it many times. Leaders and managers complain that they cannot do their job.

1, Some of them are delusional and play the victim. Yes, they could do their job but they think they cannot. They are the worst!

2, Then there are those who are not necessarily micromanaged in the way we think micromanagement looks like but their hands are tight to do the right or the necessary things. They can make certain decisions and do certain things but not near what they are supposed to or could do.

3, Then you have the ones who are just there. They are the poster boys and girls. They are put in a position for god knows why but they are not allowed to do anything because of the boss above who is running the show. They are the muppets on strings. Execute what the boss is saying.

Micromanagement is really about barking for your dog but it has different shapes and forms. If you hire people let them do their job because if you don't what does it really say about you?

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