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Corporate Wellbeing - Is It Doing More Harm Than Good? Has HR Been Bullied Into It?

Has HR been bullied into the wellbeing agenda? When it comes to implementing any initiatives related to your workforce you must listen to ONE party - your employees. Do they want it? Do they need it? If the answer is no, then move on regardless of what everyone else is doing or saying. I asked 3 CHROs, a few senior HR people, 4 business leaders (CEO & COO) and 100s of employees and only 3 employees said that they believe that wellbeing programs are needed at organisations. 

I looked into the wellbeing and mental health at the workplace initiatives and asked a few questions that HR, business leaders and employees themselves should be asking before embarking on this journey. HR, I hope it helps to get you to think about wellbeing. 

Is it a money-making machine? Does it even exist? Whose responsibility is it? Do the numbers add up? Do employees want it? Is it an extra burden that employees have to deal with? Why don't corporate leaders buy into it? How qualified are these people? Is the O and A-Level certificate enough when we know how complex this topic is? Hasn't Oxford University already proved that wellbeing initiatives that focus on the individuals don't work? Why are we fixing the individuals instead of the system? Why are we crossing the line between work and private life? 

There are millions of questions to be asked about corporate wellbeing and mental health interventions but my main question is; How did we conclude that we need these interventions (whatever they may be) given the 1000s of variables that contribute to one's wellbeing? Where are the organisational-specific studies that show based on these variables we recommend these interventions? Where are the studies that prove those variables are the ones that negatively impact employees' wellbeing? 

As they currently are, they probably do more harm than good. The intention is good but the execution is lacking. So, grab a coffee and watch this 30-minute video and start thinking about the route we have taken. Enjoy! 

Remember, it is not about my or your opinion, it is about what the workforce wants and what the business benefits from.

Watch here:

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