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Collect Experiences

I always said that life is about how many experiences you have collected while you lived. 

Just imagine life as a bag you carry with you. It is custom-sized to the number of years you are going to live and your job is to fill that bag with experiences. Good and bad experiences. That is life. It comes with every good and every crap it can think of and we could never prepare for...But your job is to look at them only as experiences and put them in your bag.

 But there are rules:

- If you collect more experiences than you should, given the size of the bag, the game ends quickly because now you have no space to add more. 

- If you don't collect enough experiences to fill your bag you have wasted that bag. You will only realise it when you show up with your half-empty bag on death's doorstep and say "Oh I still have space left", that's called regret. 

How do we know the size of the bag? We don't and that's the tricky part. It urges you to keep on collecting those experiences but also warns you not to be too greedy! 

Do not waste life with stupid things. 

Stop hating your job, your life, your partner or your neighbour. Don't get caught up in social narratives that tell you this is how you should live your life, how unfair life is, what you have to stand for or how you have to feel. Those are just experiences you get to put in your bag and walk with. Nothing more. 

Does the bag get heavy? Experiences have no weight only size. Small experiences and those big life-altering experiences. They are meant to shape you but they are not meant to stop you from collecting.......... 

Having children is likely to be a massive experience in your life. On the other hand, playing stupid video games or watching TikTok videos in your bedroom for years are very small ones leaving your bad empty. 

Stop overthinking everything everything and get going! You are shooting through the sky at the speed of 107,000 km/h and you worry about what Patrick replied to you on LinkedIn or what people will think if you... Overthinking and worrying about things will also leave your bag empty. 

Remember, your job is to fill your bag so go and do just that while travelling at an insane speed to god knows where and paying electricity bills. How can you take life seriously???? LOL!!

As my father always said, "Life is to be lived." 

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