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Burnout - Is It Caused by Employers?

I truly believe that employers are trying to address an issue they did not cause, and they have minimal contribution to the solution.


Largely, it is the result of separating men and women, taking away an identity that, at its core, is the most important to humans. Family and their biologically driven gender role.

Look around, and you will see all the single people trying to find themselves and who they are in roles, jobs, volunteering, single women/men trips, etc. They were told way too many times that relationships would strip them of careers, opportunities, freedom, and life.

This created a workforce whose only obsession & identity is work sprinkled with yoga classes, meditation, a healthy food regime, journaling and community building.

Yet, they go home alone. Instead of building a social community for others, why don't we build our own little family?

My partner and I have been discussing this topic for two weeks, trying to find the answer to what "men looking after women" looks like in the modern world.

We don't have the answer yet, but one sentence I heard this year doesn't leave my mind: "A woman without a strong man will have anxiety and panic attacks."

I would rephrase this to: Without a strong partner, we will have anxiety and panic attacks because you cannot play a team sport alone."

Life is a team/social game; without a strong partner, you are playing it alone, which leads to burnout.

PS: Your identity is not in your job, and studies started to confirm this. People with families are more protected from burnout because they have a second identity (family) that allows them to switch off from work and take on a different role.

We got this "Find your purpose, vision, mission and worth in your job, and you won't have to work another day in your life." Now, look how that turned out. People feel that something is off and that work and yoga classes are not the purpose of life. They just have been told way too many times that "single life is cool".

It is, for like a year or so:-))))

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