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New situations and challenges require you to push the reset button. Why? Because when they arrive, they bring everything to the surface that needs changing. If you don't pause and think about what needs to change for you to move forward, you will do what you have always done.

We go from one relationship to another, from one job to another, from one argument to another, from one role to another without pausing and wondering why we are dealing with the same issue twenty years later.

Pause is an act of balance that is ignored in a world where we all talk about balance.

Pause between jobs allows us to reconsider what we want to do, what we want to continue doing or leave in the past.

Pause between relationships allows us to reevaluate what we want from it and establish new boundaries.

Pause between arguments allows us to think about our response and learn from the previous one.

Pause is career can be the greatest self & professional development because it allows us to reconsider everything and completely change the future.

So if pausing is so beneficial, why do we jump from one thing to the next without taking a second to sort through the mess we have created?

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