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Your Individual Problem Must Not Hold the Team Back

Lesson #2 Kilimanjaro

I always knew this lesson and acted like that; Your Individual Problem Must Not Hold the Team Back.

Supporting each other doesn't mean we constantly listen to your problem and suspend everything until you are sorted or lower the bar. Support means we acknowledge what it is and give you the support you need and what we can, but it is up to you if you can keep up. If not, goodbye.

On night three and day four, I was sick as a dog. My body decided to go on a 16-hour vomiting journey that left me very weak. I had no sleep, and the next day, I faced Barranco Wall, a pretty steep climb and a 10K trek for the day.

My tentmate supported me during the night, but I was like, at least she can get some sleep in, so I just quietly laid awake, trying not to disturb her.

My two besties pulled in very quickly to check on me, but there was no time to be sorry for yourself. The message was: We need to keep going no matter what. So we did.

The support they gave me: A guide carried my backpack that day, so I used less energy. Abdul also pulled me over each massive boulder to save energy, and they stood by my side each time I vomited. I literally vomited and walked a KM. Each time, they would make a joke (to keep the spirit high) and shout at me to "drink water!" Once, I looked up and said, "Shout at me one more time, and I'll push you off this mountain." to which Abdul went, "She still has the fight great; let's go!"

I got to Camp 4 the first and went to sleep. Abdul brought food to my tent, which I protested against but ate it. I was back to "normal" (weak) by sunset. I was outside when Abdul came, and I saw his face; he had a splitting headache (altitude)... It was my turn to look after him... Panadol, here we go... It always takes you up that mountain!

Supporting each other doesn't mean you stop, compromise, or lower the bar. It means giving you what you need to help you through the challenge. You must keep going!

This is life, hey?

The same applies to low performers, too. You give them support, and if they cannot catch up and keep up, you have no choice but to leave them behind. That's it!

In organisation, with the help of social media narrative, we often get caught up in the "you don't know what others are going through" slogan. We are all going through something at any given moment, but it doesn't mean people will adjust to you. Does it sound harsh? Maybe, but life is harsh, and if we allow this mentality, all we do is be sorry for ourselves.

One of the kids started moaning during the hike, "My legs are hurting" to which I replied, "Great! Life hurts, get used to it and keep moving." They laughed and got going.

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