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The Sentence That Changes Things

The other day, I counted that 27 of us left the same place because of the management. And that's only the number I know of. I know another number: over 150% turnover rate in two years. You would surely think corporate HR would look into what's going on, right? No, you're mistaken.

The problem we face when looking into data like this is personal. When organisations, managers, and leaders face an unhealthy turnover rate, the message they face is personal and very uncomfortable, so they ignore it. What is the message?

We (employees) don't enjoy our time under your leadership.

That's it. We don't need to overcomplicate it. When people leave because of the leader or the manager, this is the message they are sending. It is a tough one to receive because we all think we are excellent managers and leaders. But of course, we are not. Only a very few are, and the rest need to listen so they can get better.

The mistake organisations make is either ignoring this message or focusing too much on the noise of who said what and why.

Instead, sit down, look at your data and say it out loud: "People are not having a good time under my leadership" or "People are not having a good time under XYZ's leadership." Or, "People don't enjoy working here." Only then can you start looking into the reasons and fix the problem, whatever that may be.

Not being able to face this sentence will not trigger change. It must hit emotionally or cognitively. There must be a rude awakening and realisation about that leader and manager and the environment they have created in which employees don't enjoy themselves.

Instead of hiding away from this one simple sentence, face it! Face it in your relationships, friendships, or with your customers. "My friends cut me off because they are not having a good time when they are with me", or "My husband stays at work because he is not having a great time with me."

When you get to say this sentence, only then start looking for the WHYs because if you can't face it, all you will do is blame others or find excuses for your behaviour.

As Jordan Peterson always says, The solution to your problems lies where you the least want to look at. Just look!

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